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Communication enhancements is the most effective way we have available to improve the quality of primary health care.

MyDDoc is a platform that facilitates the creation of medical communities with all the social tools to improve the patient´s experience and increase the doctor´s performance.

Through MyDDoc, the different health institutions will be able to offer their doctors a tool for improving the relationship with their patients and expand their reach and influence.

Using the MyDDoc platform, doctors would be able to receive inquiries from existing and new patients, as well as publish papers (text, photo or video) on subjects of interest for their communities. Patients would be able to learn about the doctors through reading their publications.

Direct contact with the author

The published material will enable doctors to share their knowledge and experience with their communities (doctors and patients) in a participative way.
Other members of the community will be able to comment and share the information through social networks.

Also, community users will be able to contact the authors to clarify points and to exchange information.

Focus on Primary Care

The MyDDoc platform, open API and hosted on the cloud, has other applications, such as processing online appointments and delivery of prescriptions and medical certificates.

This will allow patients and doctors to be connected with a common set of goals directed to primary care i.e. better communication and efficiency, increased participation and a more dynamic and pleasant experience for all involved.

Flexibility and Integration

MyDDoc was designed to be included as a digital community within the different institutional web sites or to be hosted within their own domain.

The importance of Communication on Primary Health Care

The fundamental tool in primary care is communication. To effectively promote communication between health professionals and their patients would have a significant and direct impact in the quality of primary care.

A fluid communication between doctor and patient would facilitate the development and follow up of preventative strategies, personalized and agreed between both parties, adapted to the background and need of each individual.

  • "Effective communication, which is timely, accurate, complete, unambiguous, and understood by the recipient, reduces errors and results in improved patient safety."

    The Joint Commission's, 2009

  • “Communication is essential to providing quality healthcare and preventing medical errors and harm to patients.”

    USA Department of Defense & Agency
    for Healthcare Research and Quality,

A system that benefits everybody.

We believe that communication is essential to improve primary care.

Access to technology means that more and more people are connecting in a digital way.

Providing communication tools specifically targeted to the doctor patient relationship has benefits for all involved and a direct impact on the provision and quality of primary care.

  • Real time appointments, anywhere, anytime.
  • Access to professionals and authors, all by subject.
  • An open communication channel.
  • Time saving.
  • Access to medical resources for all segments of the population.
  • Improves and strengthens the relationship with the patients.
  • Personal marketing. Potential increase in new patients.
  • New income stream.
  • Time efficiency.
  • Conduct consultations with other doctors.
Medical Insurance & Clinics
  • New business stream.
  • Lower costs.
  • New business stream.
  • Potential capacity to acquire new members and patients.
  • Direct relationship with patients.
  • Increase loyalty with doctors.
  • Improved link with stakeholders.

Staying connected.

The objective is to improve the doctor´s efficiency and use of time,
as well as enabling patients to obtain a better medical experience outside the doctor´s office.
Keeping all parties involved and connected improves the doctor patient relationship.

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