Interview to Dr. Enrique Gabai (MyDDoc's CMIO)

1 - How was the idea of MyDDoc born?

Historically the relationship between patient and doctor has been the corner stone of the medical profession. In the last few years this relationship has evolved and will continue to evolve at a faster pace.

First, it has been affected by the development of modern technology, in particular communications and social media. Medicine has already discovered the possibilities and significant potential that these advances in technology offer.

Secondly, at a time when the cost of sophisticated and complex health care keeps increasing, society needs to focus on improving prevention as this is the most effective way to improve the general well being of the population.

"MyDDoc was born from the fusion of two concepts, advances in technology and preventive medicine, as well as society´s needs to innovate and to invest in primary care".

2 - How is modern technology influencing primary care?

In Health Care, primary care is the tool for improving prevention and doctor patient communication is the way to achieve it. Medical service is built on the doctor patient relationship. Therefore, the effectiveness of the communication in that relationship defines the efficiency of the health care system.

Today, there are a number of obstacles that act as barriers, increasing the difficulty of communication (lack of time, ever increasing distances, higher demand for access to primary care).

However, technology properly used, is a key enabler to overcome these barriers. The use of technology developed specifically for communications between doctor and patient, together with applications that allow for a better digital efficiency, have the potential to impact significantly in the population´s health.

3 - What is the impact of MyDDoc in primary care?

To have a positive impact on primary care, this concept needs to be taken to the general population.

"The vehicle to take this to the public, is through the different medical institutions. This means the different medical communities".

MyDDoc was developed to be used by different institutions such as Medical Centers, Hospitals, Scientific Societies, NGOs, HMOs, Public Health Services, the Pharmaceutical Industry and Independent Medical Groups.

This means every health related institutions whose objective is to improve the level of primary care in society.

4 - What can you tell your colleagues in order for them to adopt this tool?

In the last few years, the doctor patient relationship has been affected and changed by different factors, including medical, economical and technological developments.

MyDDoc’s aim is to facilitate the relaunch of this special relationship, taking it to a higher level by using this communication technology with the patients.

Without doubts, medicine is moving in that direction.

If we are able to achieve this together, we would have created a beneficial environment for all involved, including the patients, the doctors and society as a whole.

It is going to be a long and passionate journey, a real challenge to our capacity to improve the doctor patient relationship in a personal and social way at the same time. The challenge is already here...