Patients and Physicians Communities

MyDDoc medical communities

MyDDoc medical communities add value to the health system while aligning the incentives from the medical ecosystem stakeholders, always keeping in mind the doctor patient relationship which remains the key element.

MyDDoc medical communities are excellent tools to link primary care to the general public.

By bringing together doctors and patients as a community with a common interest, MyDDoc will allow for faster developments and results in a shared environment, benefiting all members.

The principal benefits of a common doctor patient medical community are:

  • Becoming a rich source of information gleaned from their discussions.
  • Provide accurate information and education, especially because physicians who are members of the community, are the authors of the information and people could get in touch with them.
  • Efficient and effective method for physicians to keep up-to-date and to share newly acquired medical knowledge with other physicians.
  • Provide a forum for patients who share the same interest, being these interests related to a topic or group membership.
  • Provide emotional support.
  • Both doctors and patients share their experiences improving communication and prevention in primary care.

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