All the social tools to improve
the patient's experience.

Innovative Technology

MyDDoc technology enables perfect performance for SmartPhones, Tablets and SmartTV thanks to its Responsive Design with HTML5 and is compatible with the optimization strategy used by search engines (SEO Strategy - Search Engine Optimization).

Collaboration and integration of Medical Articles

MyDDoc technology is designed to help you publish articles of interest which can expand within the community and facilitates quick distribution. The attractive centralized back end motivates Contributors to create subjects of interest, while the smart strategy of integration with Facebook empowers prompt and widespread circulation.

Appointments (not available yet)

MyDDoc has a portal which allows user patients to make appointments on line 24/7 all year round, facilitating ease of use, improving services and reducing office expenses.

Prescriptions and Certificates (not available yet)

Through MyDDoc, doctors will be able to send medical requests, medical comments, health certificates and in the future, prescriptions to their patients. This will mean important time savings for both the doctor and the patient, as well as improving the patient´s commitment to complete the prescribed treatment and achieve its results.

Content Organizing

To make easier and quicker the access to Medical contents (articles, photos, videos) MyDDoc allows the user to organized all this information into sections and topics of interest. Users can subscribe to topics that interest them and personalize their viewing.

Telemedicine (not available yet)

MyDDoc is ready to be the vehicle for future applications in telemedicine, fundamental to treating chronic illnesses where a daily follow up improves control of the patient´s health and quality of life. The days when one had to wait to receive medical treatment are gone. Do you want to consult with your preferred doctor? Within the MyDDoc communities, with one click you will be able o establish a direct contact with the professional you are looking for...

MyDDoc’s social tools allow for a better patient experience as well as an increase in the physician’s productivity. Strengthening this way the relationship and loyalty with his patients.